Alliance of Valiant Arms Interview


The free-to-play PC game market is a battleground of experimentation and publishers fighting for the next best thing. Often overlooked by big-shot game publications, free-to-play games make up a huge portion of the video game industry, and often bring with them some of the most creative concepts in gaming. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with free-to-play games, ranging from Runescape to DJMAX to GunZ: The Duel. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Wook Kim, the project manager for the revolutionary free-to-play game, Alliance of Valiant Arms hosted by, one of the biggest names in free-to-play gaming. Learn all about AVA in our exclusive interview below.

DAN CAREW: Could you start by introducing yourself and ijji in general?

WOOK KIM: My name is Wook Kim, I’m the project manager for AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms), our game portal is, and our company is NHN USA, a subsidiary of NHN, which is the largest game portal in Korea. We’re a free game portal where you can play several free-to-play games, all you need to do is register a free account.

DAN CAREW: Could you give us a quick rundown about what AVA is all about?

This interview was written for Blast Magazine. The full interview is available here.

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